Worried yet?
well you should be...urr....yeah....
So you want to know about me?
TOO BAD!!!+!++!

Sorry that was uncalled for.
I'm just running on such little sleep that Im a tad crazy this morn>_<;;
But all in all I am happy with this site.

So about me eh?
Well I am budding into the web comic world, after years of side lining it...

I am a 19 year old female of CT, USA.
I have a passion for art and writting. I dont enjoy long walks on the beach, j/k
I wanted to give this a go after so long.
That whole try something new thing.

But the real me?
Well if my crazy life interests you...
You can seek out my livejournal
I warn you though, its not safe for viewers,....
in fact it is friends only but if you really want to read it,
you can email me asking to be added as a friend.

Send me questions of things you would like to know about me.
It would be fun and Ill post it right here for the world to see!

Q and A time!

How did you get started with this comic?
Hmm..let's see. I started this comic years ago, believe it or not.
This comic was originally a story I was writting for a class,
that got trashed and restarted as just for fun. That over the years
has become more and more complicated and written out. Did that make sense?
Prob not. Well in any case it started a long time ago and has changed
many many times over the course of its life thus far.

Question submitted by Kristin

How long will this comic run for?
Well I figure that the chapters themselves will be at least 20 pages each.
I can't tell you exactly how long the comic will be but I can say it will be long!
LOL! Well the comic had the short prolouge that I promise,
will make sense in a little while,
and chapter one wont finish until it is the "end of the day" for Dareth
and the whole premise of the story begins.
Chapter 2 I was planning on having it be the "meanwhile" view
but I can't say for sure, since I do know where it is all going
I can't tell how long it will take to get there.
Chapter one will end up being very long, because we have to go
through a regular school day, introduce characters,
Introduce Dareth and develop her and her life
and just overall give a background to her world.
One I finish chapter one I will know more.
I dont have a page by page layout done yet, I only work about ten pages ahead at best.

Question submitted by Jess

What is with your "style"?
I don't know...I'm trippy like that.
Seriously tho, I like to experiment.
So stick with me until I find what I like.

Question submitted by Mike

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