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Here are the characters listed, by no order. I have listed all of the characters that are seen so far and even some that aren't seen yet. I'm trying not to have too much of spoliers. ^_^;

I am in the process of creating "better" pictures of the characters for here. Just hang in there and they should be up.

Name: {Fire Angel}- Azuma Hinamori- normally only called Fire or Fear
Height: 6 ft with boots, 5ft 7inches without
Weight: 137lbs
She has been around for ages. Along with her sister, the Earth Angel, she found a loop hole in the body's tendency to age. She controls the element of fire and embodies destruction and death to many people. The fires she claims responsibility for are often not fatal to people but rather her fires will destroy massive amounts of property in a very short span of time. All those spontaneous fires...that was her...she is a bit of a pyro as she is the goddess of fire and all but over all she can be pretty logical and actually very caring towards people, especially children.

Name: {Earth Angel}- Alyce Inoto- normally just called Earth
Height: 6ft 3inches
Weight: 148lbs
Age:(this form) 100+ years
Like her sister she has been around for ages, even longer in fact. She controls the element of earth and thus life. She is considered to be mother nature in most lore. Although she doesnt actively have a part in the seasons, she can however affect them. Although she can be seen as "motherly" she however is not a very pleasent being. She has a hatred of humans in general, although she does like a good amount of them, namely those that do not destroy vast amounts of earth. She is weaker than her sister but ironically controls Fire. Her wisdom is her greatest ascet.

Name:Dareth Kimura
Height: 5ft 9inches
Weight: 136lbs
She is a teenager in a private high school for the very gifted youth. Basically she is incredibly smart and like most kids, doesnt really question life. She has had a difficult childhood, but not too tragic. (You'll find out about it later on) Her mother died on her 11th birthday and ever since she hates her birthday. She was not spoiled for an only child but ever since her mother's death, she has had to work harder in life than those around her. She has a calm persona and usually watches every thing around her from the side lines. She feels that she is too busy to take part in alot of things that her friends do. She has two jobs and hardly time for anything else, but going to see her friend's band on the weekends.

Name:Reka Hayashi
Height: 5ft 6inches (wears heels)
Weight: 134lbs
She is Dareth's best friend, goofy, sorta but honest. She insists on keeping Dareth up to date with all of the gossip and life at school. She loves to have a good time and party. She sees it as her duty to keep Dareth from boring herself to death with work and school.

Name:Alicia Kimura (deseased)
Dareth's mother. She died when Dareth was 11. It was Dareth's 11th birthday, and Alicia ran out of the house to go to the store to get some last minute groceries. On the way to the store her car was struck by another car and sent into a ditch. Police reported that she died instantly due to the shards of glass that embedded themselves into her neck.

Name:Robert Kimura
Height: 6ft 2 inches
Dareth's father. Since Alicia's death, he has taken up two jobs to support himself and Dareth. He works odd hours and hardly sees Dareth at home anymore. He struggles to keep the house they live in since he can not get over his wife's death. He feels that the best thing now is to work so that he can keep sending Dareth back to the private school year after year. When he isn't working, he loves to cook and watch tv. He often leaves fresh meals in the fridge so Dareth can work on homework and go to her jobs.

Name: "Seth" Kurosaki - He hates his real first name...
Height: 5ft 11inches
Weight: 152lbs
He is one of Dareth's Close friends. He is in his own band which Dareth and Reka constantly go watch. He has been friends with Dareth ever since they started in the private school over four years ago. He is very animated and normally prefers to lounge around when he isnt playing the guitar. This year he has several classes with Dareth and chose to sit next to her in them. He thinks of Dareth as his sister.

Name: Ryuji Ino (in the process of being renamed?)
Height: 6ft
He is in a few of Dareth's classes. He is one of the few "humans" that knows there is another side to our world, although no one believes him when he talks about it. He figures he has some major part to play in it...
He is rather clever and smart but prefers to break rules out of spite to the teachers. He loves to party and would rather focus on having a good time, but his parents remind him that he could be going to public schools. Why does he stay at the private school? He cares very much for some one that goes there.

Name: Atropos
Age: unknown
Height: 6ft
Weight: never ask...

Name: Avery
Age: unknown (younger than Atropos)
Height: 5ft 4inches
Weight: <130lbs
Rather care free and can always be found by Atropos, or in close proximity. *caution* Do not "hurt her feelings" if Atropos is nearby...

Name: unknown
Height: 6ft 2inches
Weight: 172lbs
Very little is known about this man. After Dareth first witnesses him as a child, she rarely sees him, unless something bad or very important is about to happen. The last time she remembers seeing him, was on her 11th birthday.

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