Unraveling Dreams-Once upon a time....


When the world was created, God spilt into many forms so that she could easily care for her children. These forms are always female, representing creation. As with all beings, there are both good and evil sides... As these forms, shards of God,grew...they gained infinite knowledge and power that, although it wasm't complete, was great. And with everything that lives, even God's shards must die. They do not die as we think...their bodies die as their limits are reached, but their essence lives on and roots itself in another body.


Our world grows older with each passing day. Our knowledge of the world outside of our reason, does not. Schools teach the youth about history and myth, not knowing that it is one in the same. Children grow and loose the ability to see what is really there in front of them...the real world. Through our dreams we can see what is there before us, but our minds can not comprehend such things...our imagination is lost as we sit through lessons drowning in a sea of fake reality.


But what happens to those who are one of God's shards?
They grow just like everyone else...until the day when their powers manifest inside them. Then they are faced with a harsh reality, where the truth that they were taught and the actual truth collide...

It is the present day where we meet Dareth, a teenager with a destiny she never knew about. Follow her story as her worlds collide in a heated battle for her.

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